SWEET, Golden, and Delicious
    "Faculty-select and Museum-certified" NIU Studio and Design Alumni Artists
    NIU Art Museum
    Altgeld Hall, First Floor
    August 29-October 18, 2018

    365 Artists 365 Days Group Exhibition
    co-curated by the Frank Juarez Gallery and Greymatter Gallery
    Frank Juarez Gallery
    207 East Buffalo Street, Ste. 600
    Milwaukee, WI
    June 9–July 14, 2018

  • MEA S10: Manifest Exhibition Annual Season 10

    I'm honored to have two pieces included in the MEA S10. The book is available through Manifest Gallery! Check out the gallery's website for details here.


    Check out my interview with Mieke Zuiderweg of Gallery 19! We talked about my current work, my studio practice, and the importance of slowing down.